Why Not Adopt A Family for Christmas?

Are you looking for a small group project to serve the community this season? Well, Christmas is right around the corner, and many working families in our very own neighborhoods are struggling to put food on their tables, in addition to making happy memories for their children.

One very effective way to serve such families in need is to hold an “adopt-a-family” program for Christmas. You can take nominations from friends, families, co-workers, charities and more to make a list of families you’d like to place with donors.

It’s up to your small group to decide what an “adoption” will entail, but it might include a Christmas dinner and one clothing item and one toy for each child in the family. Or perhaps it would include a stocking full of small gifts for each family member.

You can offer a variety of different donation methods for your list of families to serve. Donors–which could be individuals, co-workers, businesses, or more–can:

  • Choose a family to adopt. You send out a list of varying family sizes with their specific needs and have a donor select their family.

  • Donate individual items based on toy requests and/or clothing sizes, or donate a gift certificate to a grocery store, Target/Wal-Mart, Costco/Sam’s Club, etc.

  • Give gift certificates for services like haircuts, manicures or a massage to bless hardworking parents. (It’s especially helpful to get local businesses to pitch in here.)

  • Donate directly to a go-fund-me campaign which you create for the program.

  • Deliver a holiday dinner a few days before Christmas to a selected family. (Example of holiday dinner needs: whole Turkey, two sides, dinner rolls, and pie.)

There are really endless ways to structure an adopt-a-family program for Christmas, but the heart is the same. It’s all about letting those in need around us know they are not alone. And it’s about sharing the love of God without expecting anything in return.

How will you serve our community this Christmas season? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know what you’re planning!