New Year's Resolutions That Serve Others

By now, everyone has heard of setting new year’s resolutions. Everyone has their own idea on whether or not to make them, as well as how to keep them. As a body of believers, we’d like to encourage you to contemplate some of the positive changes you might make in your life.

A life with Jesus is all about transformation and growth–both personally and collectively. Among the most powerful ways to improve ourselves is to help others. And to that end, there are many things that we can do to make 2017 a better year.

Would you like to lose weight and get fit? It’s a common new year’s resolution for many people, and it’s quite easy to find ourselves giving up on diets and exercise when life becomes hectic. But what if our commitment to better health also served the greater good?

One way to better motivate yourself to exercise is to train for a good cause. You could sign up for a walk or run, a full marathon, a bike-a-thon, or any other charity activity event. There are events that support cancer research and a variety of other charitable causes–you’re sure to find one that motivates you to get fit and help others!

Consider spending less time watching television and instead use those hours read to others? You might volunteer to read to children at the library, teach illiterate adults how to read, or read to the blind.

Another common resolution for the new year is to declutter your home. Whether it’s thinning out overfull closets or cleaning out your basement of unused furniture, you can learn to live with less. At the same time, if your items are in good condition, you can donate them to people in need.

Coming out of the holiday season, it might seem that the occasion to be thankful has come to an end. However, the new year is a wonderful time to renew our sense of gratitude. You could resolve to show extra appreciation to one special person in your life each month–perhaps with a care package or act of kindness or service.

Are you making plans for a better 2017? Visit our website today to learn more about our opportunities to serve in a small group or otherwise get involved in serving our community.